Dredging service

Dredging fleet NSC provides full spectrum of dredging works:

  • capital and maintenance dredging works in sea and river channels,
  • coastline reclamation,
  • beach nourishment for waterside building,
  • building of wharfs and hydroengineering objects,
  • building of port localities in the Arctic.

NSC dredging fleet consists of seven specialized vessels:

  • Hopper suction dredgers: "Belomorskiy" and "Onezhskiy", which extract soil from the depth of 25-16 meters with efficiency 1000 cubic meters per hour. Suction dredgers make inwash of a shore territory at a distance up to 500 meters.

  • Marine self-propelled basket chain dredger "Dvinskiy Zaliv" which extracts soil from the depth of 24 meters with efficiency 750 cubic meters per hour. The works of the dredger are carried out with the help of three barges with a capacity of 500-600 cubic meters each. "Dvinskiy Zaliv" extracts any type of soil including sand, firm clay and firm rocky soil.

During the past ten years the dredging fleet of NSC Arkhangelsk has completed contracts not only in Russia, but also in the Baltics, in Europe, in the Middle East and on the Atlantic coast of Africa.

The "Dvinskiy Zaliv" dredging caravan provided the dredging works in the ports of Baltic - Klaipeda, Saint-Petersburg, Vyborg. The hopper suction dredger "Onezhskiy" and "Dvinskiy Zaliv" dredging caravan, yearly widen and deepen the approach canals of the ports of Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk and periodically work in the ports of White Sea and Murmansk.

In 2011–2012 the "Dvinskiy Zaliv" dredging caravan provided the unique work in the Baidaratskaya Bay on the construction of ditches for the oil pipeline. The dredger and the "Dvinskiy Zaliv" dredging caravan prepared the pilotage of the sea ice-proof platform "Prirazlomnaya" in Severodvinsk.

"Onezhskiy" suction dredger provided dredging works and inwash of sand in the ports of Israel, in the Cape Verde Islands and in the Equatorial Guinea.

The "Belomorskiy" suction dredger worked in the areas of Atlantic coast of Africa, Black and Mediterranean Sea. It provided the dredging works in the Cape Verde Islands, the works of beach nourishment in the ports of Equatorial Guinea,was sluicing beach areas of the sea resorts in Italy, worked on repair dredging in Tuapse, widened and deepened the approach canals of the sea ports.

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