Shipping fleet

Type "M. Yartsev", modernized

Design - Unitized timber carrier.
The ships can carry any lumber products, logs, grain in bulk, bulk cargoes class A, C, general cargoes except IMDG Code cargoes.

Vessel Year Call sign
1 Mekhanik Makar'in 1991 UCOR

Vessel scheme

Vessel scheme


Technical Indicator Data
Russian Register class KM ⍟ Arc4 Aut1
Length overall 107,8 m
Length between ⊥⊥ 101,8 m
Breadth 14,50 m
Depth to keel 6,00 m
Summer draught 4,83 m
Deadweight 3709 t
Gross tonnage 3178 t
Net tonnage 1495 t
Sailing range Up to 5 000 miles
Distance from ships rail to inside hatch coamings 1,15 m
Max permissable loading on hatch covers 1,55 t/m2
Max permissable loading on deck 3,00 t/m2
Max permissable loading on tanktop №1-2-3=6,10 t/m2
Distance from keel to top whip antenna 32,90 m
Distance from keel to top of hatch covers 8,30 m
Height of hatch coaming 1,79 m
Fresh water capacity 49,00 t
Bunker capacity 227 m3
Speed 12 kn
Main Engine Diesel_6 DKN 26/98-12
BHP / RPM engine 2 074 kw / 237
Cranes 2 * 5,00 / 3,20 t
Crew (persons) 16