Dredging Fleet

Hopper barge "Teriberka", project 539

Type: Twin-screw, self-propelled dump bottom doors hopper barge.
Designation: loading of dredged ground alongside of dredger, carriage of ground in hopper and discharging by opening of 16 single bottom doors in row (eight doors portside and eight doors starboard side).
Sailing limit: 20 n/ miles from safe place; allowed weather conditions - wind force up to 6 Beaufort scale with max height of wave 3 meters.

Vessel Year Call Sign
1 Teriberka 1974 UFAX

Vessel scheme

Vessel scheme


Technical Indicator Data
Russian Register class KM ⍟ L3R1
Class Dump hopper barge
Year built, Builder 1974, Turnu, Severin
Length overall 55,55 m
Beam 10,4 m
Depth 4,3 m
Max Draught at dredging work (Loaded) 3,6 m
Light draft  bow 1,0 m
Light draft aft 2,6 m
Deadweight summer 888 t
Gross tonnage 643 rt
Net tonnage 192 rt
Hopper capacity 500 cbm
Hopper dimensions:  
  length 25,0 m
  breadth (coaming level) 7,0 m
  height 5,05 m
Min depth of disposal area 4,7 m
Speed loaded 8,0  knots
Speed in ballast 8,6  knots
Main engines 2 x 64  25/34-2
Number x output 2 x 441,2 h.p.
Recommended oil: MDO Dist DMB (ISO 8217/1996)
Fuel consumption (daily):  
  Sailing 1,8 t
  Stoppage during dredging job 0,4 t
  Idle staying 0,2 t
Bunker capacity 66 cbm
Fresh water capacity 20 t
Crew 11 persons
Endurance of DHB 15 days

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