Dredging Fleet

Tugboat MZ-151, project R-100

Type: Twin-screw tugboat.
Designation: delivery and shifting of dredgers’ anchors, setting and removal of buoys, tug assistance for barges and pontoons with sludge line during dredging works.
Sailing limit: near shore and within road; allowed weather conditions - wind force up to 4 Beaufort scale with max height of wave 2 meters.

â„– Vessel Year
1 MZ-151 1969

Vessel scheme

Vessel scheme


Technical Indicator Data
Russian Register class KM ⍟ R3 tug
Class Tugboat
Year built, Builder 1969, Taganrog
Length overall 19,5 m
Beam 6,0 m
Depth 1,81 m
Max Draught 1,03 m
Light draft  bow 0,77 m
Light draft  aft 1,05 m
Gross tonnage 57,4 rt
Net tonnage 13,0 rt
Gear 1 derrick
Gear capacity 5 t
Bollard pull with speed 3 knots * 3,36 tnc
Speed in ballast 8,0  knots
Main engines 2 x 3D6
Number x output 2 x 150 h.p.
Recommended oil: MDO Dist DMB (ISO 8217/1996)
Fuel consumption (daily):  
  Sailing 1,29 t
  Idle staying 0,1 t
Bunker capacity 6,9 cbm
Fresh water capacity 2,4 t
Crew 6 persons
Endurance of DHB 4 days
 * MZ-151 has additionally equipped with stern cathead for shifting of anchors (bollard pull of winch 5 tns)

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