Arctic Shipping & Operations

JSC Northern shipping company has a leading position in sea transportation throughout Baltic, North-Atlantic and via Northern Sea Route.

We are experts in Arctic operations, including cargo transportation and delivery to Ice and open water coast line, Arctic ship-to-ship operations, fast ice operations.

Our mission in Arctic is to transport our customers' goods safely, efficiently, and with due regard for all laws, rules and regulations.

We are preferred Arctic carriers and logistic operator for all Arctic ports including Dudinka, Harasevey, Varandey, Tiksi, Dikson, Belushya Bay, Pevek, Franz Josef Land.

The imperative for our success in polar shipping:

  • ship design (ice class) and proper maintains of the vessels;
  • voyage planning & daily analysis of all circumstances of the voyage and forecasts;
  • due regard to environmental & anti-pollution regimes;
  • crew training and safety.

Welcome to Arctic with JSC Northern shipping company!

For more information on shipments' schedule, transit time, available spaces on board, please contact Chartering & Operations department.