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    JSC "Northern Shipping Company" is one of the oldest transport enterprises in the North of Russia. Modern forms of management cause effective and profitable operation of the company's vessels.

    Sea transportation. Loading of packaged lumber

    The vessels of the company of deadweight from 2500 to 14000 - are the main carriers of the region's goods for export, such as: wood, cellulose, paperboard. There is absolute demand in all types of the vessels in the shipping sphere. The specialized motor vessels "Mikhail Lomonosov", "Kholmogory", newly arrived during the last years, operate efficiently. The Company maintains reliable positions in its segment of the freight market. This fact is confirmed by the conclusion of the long-term contracts for lumber shipment from Arkhangelsk and ports of Baltic to Egypt.

    Sea transportation. Cargo shipping The Fleet of the Company operates in the traditional directions: shipment of the timber processing complex goods of the Arkhangelsk and Baltic regions; and in other directions: shipment of metal production, raw material of the leading domestic steel companies and foreign manufacturers, bulk and general cargo. JSC NSC provides regular Line service: Arkhangelsk, St.Petersburg - Continent (ports: Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, Rotterdam), service: St.Petersburg - Le Havre.

    Liner vessel "Mikhail Lomonosov" The universal vessels of NSC Line fleet provide shipment of any charterers' cargo: bulk and general cargo. Wide holds' opening on the vessels of type "Mikhail Lomonosov" enables to deliver out-of-gauge cargo under deck. High permissible loading on tanktop and on deck allows carriage of heavyweights in the holds and on deck. All the vessels have container lashing equipment and can carry any types of the containers in the holds and on deck. All the vessels of the Line fleet are certified for the shipment of the dangerous cargo of all classes, including explosive and radioactive goods. High ice- classed vessels can sail to the freezing ports of the Baltic, White Sea and Barents Sea all year round. The optimal size of the Line fleet vessels enables to compete with the vessels of other shipowners in the goods delivery in the areas of Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Great Britain.

    m/v "S. Kuznetsov"

    JSC "Northern Shipping Company" has its own competitive advantages, including the following:

    • Ice-classed fleet;
    • Working experience in hard ice conditions and cabotage, our crews are successfully discharging on to ice piers in the open sea conditions;
    • Line Service;
    • Own containers' park;
    • Huge chain of business relations;
    • Multimodal transportation - freight forwarder service and through transportations, we offer service of obligation from shipment to through bill of lading "from door to door";
    • The company's vessels are certified and provide dangerous cargo delivery.

    Many members of NSC vessels crews have been rewarded with regional, official and governmental awards for professionalism and conscientious work.

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