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    M/v "Mekhanik Kraskovskiy" in the ice of the White Sea Today, vessels of NSC, Arkhangelsk take an active part in the international marine shipping industry. The Department of Fleet Operations, staffed by highly-qualified personnel, is responsible for the professional management of the NSC's own fleet, as well as vessels under other ownership.

    NSC's fleet consists of unitized dry cargo vessels with a DWT of 2200-14000 tonnes, which transport round timber, lumber, pulp-and-paper products, general, bulk, dangerous and other types of cargo, including cargo in containers. All ships are ice-classed, which allows our fleet to work year-round in regions having difficult ice conditions.

    The NSC shipping-line service guarantees regular delivery of cargo via the ports of Arkhangelsk and St. Petersburg to European ports, as well as multi-modal transportation including door-to-door delivery of cargo within Russia and internationally, with careful attention to logistics.

    Our goal is the provision of the maximum of service to the client, and the constant search for even more efficient methods of secure and timely cargo delivery.

    We are ready to consider all proposals related to cargo shipping. We invite all those interested in mutual cooperation to contact us.

    Technical Management

    M/v "Mekhanik Yartsev" in the dock The NSC Department of Transport Fleet Maintenance possesses many years of experience in the technical management of vessels of various types and functions, including transportation fleet vessels, tankers, dredgers, service/salvage/rescue and passenger fleet vessels, successfully operating in any part of the world.

    Fleet Maintenance is responsible for the technical maintenance of vessels in accordance with international convention. This includes organizing the required periodic technical servicing, submitting vessels for examination by classification bodies and other inspection organs, and overseeing the supply of spare parts, lubricants, consumables and other items to vessels.

    In addition, the Department's responsibilities include the organization of classification and dockyard repair of vessels, with the fulfillment of the entire spectrum of work as in other Russian and international ship-repair yards. All aspects of repair work are carried out under the close supervision of a superintendent, guaranteeing both high-quality work and effective cost-control.

    The Department's specialists perform the following tasks:

    • Inspection and survey of vessels;
    • Organization and supervision of vessel repair;
    • Supervision of vessel construction;
    • Provision of the services of marine and technical superintendents;
    • Reflagging and reclassification of vessels;
    • Planning, accounting and expense analysis according to vessels' engineering budgets.


    Claims and Insurance department provides the following services for the Company: M/v "S.Kuznetsov" on the roads of the Northern Dvina

    • arranging for Hull and Machinery (H&M) and Protection and Indemnity (P&I) cover and other insurances on the insurance markets worldwide;
    • handling of cargo and third party liability claims, claims arising out of salvage, collision, General Average, freight and demurrage defence and other contractual and non-contractual liabilities;
    • legal protection of the Company's interests in Russia and foreign jurisdictions;
    • obtaining of documents required by the state bodies for performance of the Company's activities.

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