Dredging Fleet

NSP dredger "SMP-1", project 3287

Type: suction non self-propelled dredger with diesel and sectional folding case.
Designation: development of sand and gravel soils of I-IV and I-III category respectively, transporting it as a water-mixture (slurry) to a place of installation or recycling.
Owner: JSC "NSC Arkhangelsk".
Flag: Russia.

The dredger has an engine bilge type room in which are located a soil pump, a diesel engine and accessories. An auxiliary electric unit is located on the deck.
There is a crane on board with an electric hoist (lifting capacity - 1 t) for the maintenance and repair of the soil pump.

The dredger has a control cabin (wheelhouse), a latrine and a household pantry.
A wheelhouse and an engine room are provided with ventilation and heating. The dredger has a wheelhouse measuring system with an industrial computer to supervise a dredging process, issuing information of the key operational parameters.

The dredger is equipped with a plastic slurry-pipeline DN 300 with ball joints. Additionally, the kit supplied with the dredger:

  • a crane (lifting capacity - 2 t) for laying anchors and maintenance dredging and floating slurry-pipeline;
  • a floating pumping station for water recycling;
  • a residential unit for team members to stay on the shore;
  • an exchangeable soil intake device with: cutterhead, hydroripper, ejector suction head or hydromechanical bucket ripper.

The dredger can be relocated in a disassembled form (road, sea, rail). The dredger set with 24 intermediate sections of a floating slurry-pipeline (150 m) can be shipped in 18 wagons.

Vessel Year
1 SMP-1 2003


Technical Indicator Data
Year built, Builder 2003, Rybinsk
Russian River Register class ✠ Р 1,2
Performance on pulp, m3/h 1600
Pressure, m water column 25
Type of soil pump GrAU 1600/25
The drive slurry pump diesel 6ChNSP-8/22-315
Power, hp 315
Depth of the development, min, m 1,5
Depth of the development, max m 8
Pulp transportation distance (without aux. station), m 1100
Diameter of the discharge pipe-line, mm 300
Tractive effort of winches, kN 20 (2)
Type of aux electrical unit AD 100-T400-RMP
Power, kW 100
Voltage, kV 0,4
Fuel tank capacity, t 15
- Length max, m 40,3
- Hull length, m 23
- Beam, m 6,2
- Depth, m 5
- Draft, m 1,25
- Draft middle, m 0,7
Deadweight, t 68
Ripping method mechanical
Cutter diameter, m 1,0
Drive power, kW 37
Ripping method hydraulic
Type of hydro-ripping pump 1D200-36
Drive power, kW 37
Method of displacement anchors and ropes
Feed, m3/h 200
Pressure, m 36