Dredging Fleet

Motor boat "Anatoliy Galkin"

Type: Yaroslavets
Designation: maintenance of ships in the port of Arkhangelsk (passenger delivery, products, supplies, etc.)

Vessel Year
1 Anatoliy Galkin 1979

Vessel scheme

Vessel scheme


Technical Indicator Data
Russian Register class KM ⍟ R3
Year built, Builder 1979, Sosnovka
Length, m 19
Beam, m 3,8
Depth, m 2,1
Draught, m 0,94
Gross tonnage, t 32,5
Displacement empty, t 32,33
Displacement in cargo, t 38,91
Loaded draft, m 1,13 м
Light draft, m 1,01
Speed, kns 9,5
Main engine 3 D 6
Power, hp 150
Fuel consumption, kg/h 25,3
Bunker capacity, t 1,5
Water capacity, t 0,53
Crew, persons 2
Passenger capacity, persons 10
Navigation area, port Arkhangelsk Southern end of island Mudyug